Fall ~ Back to School vol. XV, No. 3
August - October, 2004
Issue Highlights...

Kiddisphere  The publisher’s column
    4...By Jim Graney
Art Start Inspiring the artist in children of every age
    4...By Ithaca Child
News & Notes  Local highlights & happening
    4...By Ithaca Child
Honor Roll Who's who and who's new in local schools, part I
    5...By Darlynne Stefanko \
News Clips A glance at the national topics
    7...By Allison Childs Wells
Kidspeak  In which kids give us the answers
    8...By Kathy Morris
The Drawing Board Ithaca City Schools Consider Redistricting
    9...By Laura Smith
Making a Germinating Book  Celebrate Judy's Day past and present
...By Raylene Ludgate
C elebrate Summer  Some fun stuff to do before the season's over
...By Naomi Raimon
Archimedes' Notebook  Exploring diversity in your backyard
  13...By Sue Smith-Heavenrich
Basic Training Mom goes back to class
  14...By Sue Smith-Heavenrich
Rise and Shine Getting to school on time can be a chore
  17...By Rick Epstien
Shop Talk Back-to-School preparation made simple
  18...By Darlynne Stefanko

Dramatic Arts Open Hand Museum combines crafts and theatre
  20...By Jennifer Kittell

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