Fall ~ Back to School vol. XV1, No. 3
August - September 2005

In this issue...

Kiddisphere The publisher's column
   4...By Heidi Leib-Graney
Art Start Inspiring the artist in children of every age
   4...By Sheila Clark
News & Notes Local highlights& happenings
   4...By Ithaca Child
Trading Places For some, back-to-school means a new environment
   5...By Brynn Mannino
News Clips
   6...By Allison Childs Wells
Get Involved Communication with schools is key for parents
   7...By Mike Levy
Kidspeak  In which kids give us the answers
   8...By Kathy Morris
Hit the Trail  Local sites offer entertainment, education
 11...By Kelly Ashworth
Born to Talk  Once they start, kids love to babble
 12...By Rick Epstein
Ask the Nurse Dealing with warm weather pests
13...By Jennifer Moyer, BSN, RN
Primative Pursuit Wagwam project is lesson in Native Culture
14...By Majorie Hoffman
Film Clips look at the big screen

15...By Darlynne Stefanko
Let Them Eat Cake Birthdays get baker's creative juices flowing
16...By Eileen Bach
Archimedes' Notebook Investigating Froghoppers and Spittlebugs
18...By Sue-Smith-Heavenrich

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