Summer vol. XV, No. 1
April - June, 2004
Issue Highlights...

Kiddisphere  The publisher’s column
    4...By Jim Graney
Art Start Inspiring the artist in children of every age
    4...By Ithaca Child
News & Notes  Local highlights & happening
    4...By Ithaca Child
Camp Guide What'll you do this summer
    5...By Tompkins County Youth Services Department and Ithaca Child
Kidspeak  In which kids give us the answers
    8...Photos by Kathy Morris
All Aboard   Thomas pulls into Utica's Union Station
  18...By Thomas Trencansky
May Is Discovery Month It's time to hit the trail
  25...By Mary Beth Bunge
Archimedes' Notebook  Walk on Water. Aquatic bugs are fascinating
  26...By Sue Smith-Heavenrich
Who is the Diaper Man?  Local delivery service keeps tradition alive
  27...By Esty Schachter
Art of the Deal Mom proves her worth with negotiation skills
  28...By Rick Epstein
What'll We Do?  A complete activity calendar
  29...By Heidi Lieb-Graney
Ithaca Festival The fun and celebrations continue
  31...By Laurel Guy
Educational Opportunity Parents offered choices in Montessori Schools
  37...By Naomi Ward Raimon
Well Rounded  Waldorf develops the body and mind
  39...By Janine Harrison

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