Fall ~ Back to School Issue vol. XIV, No.3
August - Sept, 2003
Issue Highlights...

Kiddisphere The publisher’s column
    2...By Jim Graney
News & Notes Local Highlights and Happenings
    2...By Lindsay Morgan
Art Start Inspiring the artist in children of every age
    4...By Ithaca Child
Earth Works PRI to Take Wraps off New Museum
    5...By Lindsay Morgan
Kidspeak In which kids give us the answers
    8...Photos by Kathy Morris
Growth Spurt  Judy's Day at Plantations goes to Seed
  10...By Raylene Ludgate
Well Prepared Learning vs. School Readiness?
  11...By Sue Smith-Heavenrich
Foreign Affairs Corland and Celtic Culture
  12...By Linda Haas Manley
Sign Language Banners lead to calendars
  13...By Brigid Hubberman
Freeville Fest  Two Day Event plans fun for all ages
  15...By Lindsay Morgan
In Tune Musefest pays tribute to local music scene
  16...By Way
Red, White, and Blue  Newfield Honors Veterans
  17...By Lindsay Morgan
Sights and Sounds Book Reviews
  19...By Esty Schachter
Hit The Trail There's lots to Discover this fall  
  21...By Mary Beth Bunge
Country Fun Fair Draws Crowd in Ellis Hollow  
  22...By Lindsay Morgan

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