Spring Issue vol. X111, No.6
Feburary - May 2003
Issue Highlights...

Kiddisphere The publisher’s column
   4...By Jim Graney
News & Notes Local Highlights and Happenings
   4...By Lindsay Morgan
Art Start Inspiring the artist in children of every age
   4...By Ithaca Child
New and Improved Sciencenter's Building Addition
   6...By Melissa Marchese Gattine
Hot Stuff Winterfest & Downtown Chili
   6...By Lindsay Morgan
News Clips  Family Issues and Ideas
   7...By Allison Childs Wells
Kidspeak In which Kids give us the answers
   8...Photos by Kathy Morris
A Taste of Spring  CNC's Maple Sugar Festival
   9...By Lindsay Morgan
Cold Comfort Homer Winterfest offers open invitation
  10...By Lindsay Morgan
Risk Analysis Learning to Learn
  11...By Sue Smith-Heavenrich
Rite of Spring Marathon & the Maple Festival
  12...By Wendy Thibeault
Drop Zone Sciencenter Schedules Egg-Citing Even
  13...By Melissa Marchese Gattine
Ship Shape Cruising Becomes a Family Affair
  14 ...By Dawne Baiguini
On Stage Theatre Provides Tonic for Cabin Fever 
  17...By Darlynne Stefanko
For the Birds Lab of O Offers Home Study Course
  21...By Miyoko Chu
Character Counts at Freeville Classes help SPCA
  22...By Mrs. Green & Miss Fitzgeralds K-1 classes
The Write Stuff T-burg Youth Essay Contest
  23...By Sue Henninger
Worth Watching Cable in the Classroom
  25...By Jenny Catalano

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