Summer 2005 vol. XV1, No. 1
April - June 2005

In this issue...

Kiddisphere The publisher's column
. . 4...By Heidi Leib-Graney
Art Start Inspiring the artist in children of every age
    4...By Ithaca Child
News & Notes Local highlights & happenings
    4...By Ithaca Child
Summer Camp Guide What'll you do this summer
    5...By TC Youth Services Dept. and Ithaca Child
Kidspeak  In which kids give us the answers
    8...By Kathy Morris
Who is Audrey Balander?  And what is she looking for at summer camp?
  14...By Mary Loehr
Archimedes' Notebook  Gardening for the Birds
  17...By Sue Smith-Heavenrich
Curtain Call  Dragon Tale Returns to the Local Stage
  18...By Rosalind Feinstein
Hand Work Using Puppets to Make Stories Come Alive
  19...By Marjorie Hoffman
Earth Science Local Museum Celebrates Earth Day
  21...By Sue Smith-Heavenrich
Hit The Trail Discovery Month events scheduled at area attractions
  22...By Discovery Trail Members
A Boost for Local Education Trust Company Makes $100,000 Endowment
  25...By Mike Levy
What'll We Do? A complete activity calendar
  26-29, 65
...By Heidi Lieb-Graney
News Clips

  30...By Allison Childs Wells
New Safety Seat Regulations Is your child covered?
  31...By Mike Levy
Family Astronomy The Constellations of Winter, Part II
  32...By Larry Klaes

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