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Ask The Nurse Should I bank my baby's cord blood?
   33...By Jennifer Moyer, BSM, RN

Top Choices A collection of favorite books
   34...By Esty Schachter

To Your Health Local camps explore possible career choices
   41...By Christianne White
Healthy Snack Recipes Tempting tidbits for your tastebuds
   42...By GreenStar Cooperative Market
Sharing Our Cultures National Dance Week Returns to Ithaca
   47...By National Dance Week Regional Executive Committee
The Fabulous Lynda Barry
   48...Comics and comment in a inimitable mix
Fresh is Best Local Farmers get the jump on Spring
  49...By Debbie Teeter
Ithaca Festival Schedule and Highlights
  51...By Ithaca Child

Move to Learn The Power of Play in Child Development
    56...By Emily Butler
Student Artists Local students display their creativity
   58...By South Hill Elementary School Student Artists
The Eyes Have It... Sunglasses aren't just a fashion statement
   60...By Robert P. McCormick, O.D

Past LIves Camp is Where Summer Memories are Made
   61...By Rick Epstein

Summer Fun Scout Camp Offers Summer Fun for Girls
   62...By Judith Gallagher

Mom! Ya Gotta Come! Family Memories
   63...By Barbara Johnson Foote

Coming Attractions Latest Star Wars Installment is set to launch
   64...By Darlynne Stefanko

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